Kississippi x Circle Thrift, Richmond Va

I just got back in to town, i had been at home for about a month. I wasn’t ready to get back into the RICHMOND LIFESTYLE. if you are from this hipstery town you would know this city can get exhausting. As i checked my facebook for things to do, I saw this listing online. As there always is a band playing somewhere in richmond LOL. Anyhow, I was like lemme give it a listen, Kississippi was the first one I listened to. My breath was taken away, all my thoughts about coming back to the overwhelming city washed away. I was like OKAY YOU COLD AFRICAN WOMAN. THIS IS A SIGN. I’ve also been a music journalist for five years so getting a feeling like that is so so so important. 

I head over to CIRCLE THRIFT RVA (performance space/thrift store/awesomeness) Probably the most emotional and expressive show i’ve been too in a minute. Zoe, the lead vocalist layed on the ground creating a serious, yet intimate scene. As the bassist and guitarist were in their OWN zone of expression. It was breathtaking, on top of just having a great record. I was thoroughly impressed. I stopped them afterwards, and hit it off with them instantaneously. We all know bands that are great but the actual people in the band….suck. That was not the case here. As down to earth as the words they spoke, I felt like I just connected with the sweetest/genuine individuals. We all know how hard that is to come by. Alas, not hype them too hard, I felt a connection musically and in my own soul. You connect to what you connect to. This was one of those moments. Thats coming from the biggest music snob around. Keep up with them. I’m pretty sure their going to be at SXSW. 

Check them out:

also, these images are unedited. laziness purposes only. but also. bands photographed in black and white is cool.

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