This semester has been pretty weird for me. I’ve been extremely mentally checked out of my studies. I feel like caring so little is actually worse than caring a lot about something that you think is important. It scares me how quickly I can lose interest in things. So many things have been bothering me…my hopes, my dreams….just
wondering if i even want to do what I’ve been going to school for 3 years for. I haven’t been questioning myself this hard since…I was 16. Lately all that seems to be on my mind is making music. Its not something i thought I would ever try, but I’ve been shooting/previewing shows for 4 years. This semester I’ve been hanging around people that have created their own sound…and I can’t lie that shit is INSPIRING. The past couple weeks I have been writing a lot, and its soooo therapeutic GAH. Below are some photos of my good friend MOSS. He has been performing a lot this semester, and this was by far the most visually beautiful performance I’ve seen in RVA.

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