I look through these photos and my heart aches. I almost wanted to leave this here without a caption, just because there aren’t words that describe these individuals.

Context:  My whole life has been a series of encounters with shitty people who are one way, cannot be open minded or just PUSH the ideas that have been set for us. I can say now that I have great group of people that inspire me, and are good to me.  But this was different, nothing like I’ve ever experienced. Its tough going through life not having genuine individuals who push the depth of your constraints as well as hear what you have to say. As a 20 year old, its hard to be taken seriously or even have your thought/ideas considered, challenged OR EVEN agreed with! Its one thing to have your ideas questioned online but there is a lot that people don’t want to talk about that our outside the realms of what we SHOULD be talking about.

I walked into DC9 April 9th, 2015 doing what I usually do. Interview a band, receive vague opinions about their music and I write an article. But instead I had four intuitive and open minded individuals create a conversation outside their music, comfort zones and discuss the harsh reality that is being human in this day and age. I have never in my entire life felt connected this strongly with people who weren’t afraid to be real and genuine. What was said was heart breaking, valid, crushing yet leaving a glimmer of hope. A part of me is with The Bright Light Social Hour now. I could go on but theres just not enough time. Lets call it cosmic? Do yourself a solid and listen to their music.

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