Yeni Nostalji

So the other day my buddy Vlad asks me to take his band photos for “Yeni Nostalji”. I was totally down. I loved their music, which if you haven’t given them a listen PLEASE DO. Its turkish pop and the instrumentals plus vocals are just so lovely. Once I got there I was a bit nervous. I hadn’t shot a band in a while, but luckily they were all easy to work with. I tend to be very bossy and weird when I photograph and they worked well with my energy. This isn’t always the case (getting creative control). Usually I have to do what the client wants, and match the clients vision. Which I don’t mind doing, it just takes the fun out of it sometimes. But I digress. Working with Yeni Nostalji was so fun, and the space we shot in was so cool!! Plants everywhere, so much natural light and bright colored walls. It was a dream. After I shot the band, I got to hang out with Christina and Ray, and take even more photos. All in all it was a great time, and my photos are going to appear in Richmond Times Dispatch!! Here are some extras along with images of Christina.

Listen to Yeni Nostalji here:

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